Hearful Technologies

Company Description:

Hearful Technologies analyses publicly available customer reviews to surface granular product level feedback directly from the customer. Our engine collects product reviews as they appear on retail websites, analyzes the reviews with our proprietary hybrid-NLP engine, and creates curated data insights. We provide our clients with competitive data analysis across a set of competitor brands and retail sources of their choice, which helps them benchmark their products against their competitors and seek out niche product opportunities.

Internship Job Description:

As an intern with Hearful Technologies, you will be working on learning and understanding Hearful’s web scraping infrastructure. Your tasks will be to diagnose existing issues in the web scrapers by analyzing scraper logs as well as understanding the structure of websites from which the data is being collected. You will be responsible for delivering fixes for the issues you discover. You will be working on and writing code in the Python development language to accomplish these tasks. As you build up expertise with existing web scrapers, you will be expected to write new web scrapers as required. Furthermore, Hearful will rely upon you to propose and implement improvements to the existing web scraping infrastructure with potentially new techniques, as appropriate, after discussing your proposals with the technical lead.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Full Time during the Summer;Fall Semester

Internship Location:



Application Instructions:

If the internship opportunity with Hearful Technologies sounds interesting to you, please reach out to Anya Derbakova (anya at hearfulhub.com). Please include your updated resume as well as a cover letter stating why you believe this opportunity would be a good mutual match.

Primary Contact and Email: