Moocho UNC

Company Description:

Created by the founders of StubHub, Moocho is the leading college rewards and payment app. With Moocho, college students can use their phone to pay at all their favorite merchants on and around campus and earn exclusive rewards and discounts for doing so. Basically, Moocho gives you something back for spending the money you’d already be spending anyway!

Internship Job Description:

In the Campus Manager role, you will start by managing all aspects of our product launch on UNC’s campus. This will include installing our technology at new merchant partner locations, training merchant staff, and placing marketing materials around campus.

After the initial launch, you will hire and lead a small team of Brand Ambassadors with the goal of growing our user base and solidifying our brand reputation. You’ll help design, implement, and execute the marketing program, as such, the position requires you to be a problem solver, strong communicator, and most importantly, resilient.

Pay is based on an hourly rate, and our best Campus Managers make $30+ per hour including bonus, based on both your individual and team performances.

What you’ll get out of the job:

Business development and relationship management experience through interactions with our local merchant partners
Valuable leadership experience through managing a team of your peers
A look into the startup world and what it takes to grow a young company
Insights into the fundamentals of ROI-based marketing and analysis
A chance to make a real and lasting impact both at your campus and with Moocho as a whole
Continuing professional development touching on various aspects of start-ups, sales, and marketing
Opportunity to be hired into a full time position after graduation
Responsibilities include:

Install Moocho’s technology at new merchant locations and train merchant employees on making transactions with Moocho
Regular merchant check-ins to ensure seamless continued use
Assist in prospecting new merchants who might want to accept Moocho
Assist Corporate with assorted tasks related to campus ramp-up
Hire and manage a small team of Campus Ambassadors with the goal of creating buzz and boosting Moocho’s credibility on campus
Have fun, meet cool people, sharpen your marketing skills, and make good money!

Able to dedicate 20 hours/week on average to Moocho, with slightly lower expected hours during launch period
Demonstrable critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Self-starter who wants to take the lead on getting things done
Marketing or sales experience is ideal/preferred, but not required
Natural leadership qualities, and prior leadership experience is a plus
Reliability and a desire to go above and beyond
Extreme focus on goals and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach them
Highly comfortable speaking/interacting with strangers
Energetic, outgoing, and resilient personality

Type and Timing of Internship:

Flexible during the Spring Semester;Summer

Internship Location:



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