Company Description:

ProcessMaker was born in October of 2000 at the height of the Dotcom boom when Bobby Vernon and Brian Reale started an online reinsurance trading platform called After the dotcom bust, the company was re-branded under the Colosa name and re-tooled to build websites and perform database project work.

In 2006 the company won a very small web project to create an online paperwork management system for a government ministry in Latin America. As the project unfolded, it was clear there was a need and a market. Institutions and large companies all over the world were drowning in paper forms and cumbersome procedures. To differentiate the offering, the team decided to make an open source product and the ProcessMaker BPM brand was soon born.

ProcessMaker open source was released on SourceForge in February 2008. On the first day there were 3 downloads and within two years it grew to 500 downloads per day with an active worldwide community of users telling us how our product was being used.

Fast forward to 2018. ProcessMaker now has offices in US, South America, and Europe as well as a global partner network serving customers on five continents. ProcessMaker open source has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and the company has won numerous industry awards demonstrating time and time again that ProcessMaker is a leading force in the workflow and BPM industries.

Internship Job Description:

This is an internship to learn the basics of sales organizations, in particular, software sales. This role will report directly to the VP of Sales. The role will be supporting and accelerating new sales, renewals and expanding existing customer relationships. This is a great opportunity to learn from and be a part of what makes a successful sales organization. (The position is located in Durham, but the sales teams are global, which provides an exciting opportunity to be involved with international teams and customers.)

Type and Timing of Internship:

Full Time during the Summer

Internship Location:

Durham, NC



Application Instructions:

If you want to apply to this position please send us an email to, attach your resume and specify the position you are applying for.

Primary Contact and Email: