Lead for America

Company Description:

Lead for America works to ensure that our country’s most dynamic and diverse young leaders are working on our toughest challenges. We believe that with the right leadership in the right places, we can reimagine the American Dream in a way that is:

1) Shared. Where we all have strong communal ties and a common aspiration of equity and justice for all.

2) Accessible. Where everyone has a chance at economic and civic mobility, no matter their zip code; and

3) Sustainable. Where our education system and public institutions are well positioned to grow and sustain the next generation of leadership that will be responsible for solving problems that we cannot yet see.

Internship Job Description:

Interns can choose between one of the three following tracks. All three tracks require at least 10-15 hours of time per week.


Lead For America is searching for outstanding public service minded undergraduates to oversee a nationwide public policy case competition, with the aim of assisting local governments across the country. Through the LFA GovChallenge, local governments turn their largest problems into real-world cases which students attempt to address through a presentation day judged by local City Councilors, mayors, and county commissioners. Winning teams are awarded the opportunity to work directly with the government to implement their proposed solutions. GovChallenge Directors will be in charge of managing every aspect of the GovChallenge, from host government outreach and case confirmation to on-campus recruitment to event planning.


-Attend regular meetings with other GovChallenge Directors and LFA’s executive staff
-Identify and recruit potential governments, and communicate regularly with interested governments to design a compelling case to be used in the competition
-Design and execute an outreach strategy to market the case competition on campus and nearby campuses
-Oversee all operations of the GovChallenge case competition


To identify the most talented and high-potential public service leaders in the country, Lead for America will be selecting Outreach Directors to lead boots-on-the-ground recruitment efforts to grow its network. Outreach Directors will recruit for the flagship fellowship program as well as for its newest programs, including the Corps Member mentorship and training program for those working in public service after graduation, public service internship programs for current undergraduates, and the GovChallenge case competition. Outreach Directors will collaborate with the national LFA network to contact outstanding candidates, meet with and cultivate relationships with applicants, and engage with their campus ecosystem at the administrative level to promote LFA’s mission, values, and programs.


-Identify and recruit potential candidates for the LFA fellowship, Corps Membership, and GovChallenge local government case competition
-Expand the name recognition and influence of LFA on campus
-Form connections with student leaders, student groups, college administrators, and faculty to introduce LFA to a wider audience
-Report back to the central LFA organization to provide updates on progress and suggestions for LFA to improve its recruitment strategies


Communications Interns will join a department focused on building Lead for America’s brand and reputation from the ground up. Communications Interns will brainstorm, create, and implement communications and PR strategy, work with the recruitment and partnership teams to align messaging, and develop clear, creative, attractive, and shareable content for the website and social media.


Executive Interns will work directly with a member of Lead for America’s C-Suite or senior staff, providing their manager with strategic support across all aspects of their job. Executive Interns will advise on, assist, and manage daily executive tasks, and will also be invited to attend and participate in executive meetings. Executive Interns will additionally oversee and execute on longer-term projects that can span the spectrum from communications, finance, development, programs, and operations.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part Time during the Spring Semester

Internship Location:

Chapel Hill



Application Instructions:

Fill out application on home web page.

Primary Contact and Email: