Company Description:

BeAM@CAROLINA is a network of makerspaces where any UNC student, staff, or faculty member can join the UNC maker community in the design and creation of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship, and recreation. Makers can participate in open studios, training sessions, workshops, hosted classes, and group activities. Enjoy spaces equipped with emerging technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting, along with areas dedicated to sewing and woodworking.

Internship Job Description:

The BeAM Administration Assistant will provide administrative support to all aspects of BeAM by supporting the
Administrative Support Specialist and Technical Associates with: scheduling and communications, ordering
supplies and tracking expenditures, updating and possibly developing standard operating protocols, updating
financial records, and processing financial transactions.

Location: Kenan Labs
Timeframe: Spring 2020
Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm
Availability Required: 4-10 hours a week. Flexibility offered, but primarily Monday through Friday, 9am-4:30pm.
Compensation: Work-study Level 3 – $10/05 – $11.80/hr.

Work schedule may include days, evenings and weekend shifts based on availability.

Primary Responsibilities

– Create, develop, and maintain the BeAM staff, and user training schedule and related software.
– Project, and adjust staff trainings in advance for efficient staff training certification.
– Accurately approve staff timesheets and clarify any discrepancies.
– Receive training on and implement UNC Connect Carolina systems.
– Assist with and process BeAM financials, and human resource forms.
– Assist in the hiring process of part time staff.
– Review and create Standard Operating Procedures.
– Create and maintain specific content on the BeAM Staff SharePoint site.
– Drafting and revising word, excel, and PowerPoint documents.
– Take concise notes when tasked.
– Participate in other projects related to the position as assigned.

Essential Job Requirements

– Enrollment at UNC Chapel Hill.
– Ability to work in an office setting and operate standard office equipment.
– Good written, verbal, social, and customer service communication skills.
– Ability to communicate collegially.
– Ability to work both independently and on a team.
– Ability to manage multiple projects, prioritize work, and meet deadlines.
– Ability to commit to a work schedule in advance and arrive on time for work.
– Knowledge of Windows 10, and Microsoft Office suite of programs. Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

Preferred Qualifications
– Experience with scheduling and data analysis.
– Ability to organize and track a large variety of information.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part Time

Internship Location:

Chapel Hill


Application Instructions:

Work-Study eligible applicants can submit a cover letter/resume through the work-study JobX portal, position # 9034.

Non-Work-Study applicants can submit a cover letter/resume to

Deadline for submitting an application is 1pm on January 21st.

Primary Contact and Email: