Company Description:

Verinetics is introducing the DispenSecur™ system. DispenSecur™ addresses the two key problems of the opioid crisis (addressing which is even more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic): reducing the number of people who become newly dependent on opioids; and, enhancing the quality of treatment that may be made available to those already dependent on them. We do this by putting these controlled substances under better control from point of manufacture to point of administration or disposal, securely monitoring where they are, who is taking them, how much they are taking, and their effectiveness.

Internship Job Description:

The intern will be responsible for formulating and executing a plan to raise awareness among impact investors about DispenSecur and its implications. The position requirements and specific deliverable can be tailored to fit the interests, skills, and experience of the most committed applicants.

Type and Timing of Internship:

FlexibleSpring Semester;Summer;Fall Semester

Internship Location:

Research Triangle Park, NC


Application Instructions:

Please send a resume and covering letter to

Primary Contact and Email: