Isolere Bio, Inc.

Company Description:

Isolere Bio’s mission is to improve human health and expand global access to important therapeutics by lowering the cost and increasing the quality of biologic drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies and gene therapies. To accomplish this, we are completely rethinking traditional purification processes and harnessing natural mechanisms of biologic separation into transformative purification technologies.

Internship Job Description:

The intern will leave Isolere Bio with a considerable portfolio of bioprocessing expertise including, but not limited to, plasmid design/construction, E. coli fermentation, protein purification, tangential flow filtration, protein engineering and characterization, and analytical chromatography.

This internship requires a commitment of 40 hours per week over 11 weeks, and is available starting in June.

This internship is supported in part by a grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center through the Industrial Internship Program.

Job Requirements:
An ideal candidate is in progress towards a graduate degree in in Bioengineering, Bioprocessing, Chemical Engineering or related field. Individual should have 2+ years of wet-laboratory experience, preferably with biologic molecules and molecular biology. E. coli fermentation experience is preferred.

Type and Timing of Internship:


Internship Location:

Durham, NC


Application Instructions:

Apply on website

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