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If you are a student, please read:

If you are one of the thousands of students who lost their internship this summer due to cancellations caused by COVID-19, Jumpstart is here to help.

Though many companies have cancelled their internships, an equal amount are growing their programs and have hundreds of jobs to fill. Luckily, many of these companies partner with Jumpstart and have come to us to ask for help filling these roles.

The team at Jumpstart knows how painful it is to lose something that you worked so hard for and we are bringing all our resources together to help you find another internship.

By applying to this position, your resume will be easily and quickly accessible for companies like VMware (tech & non-tech roles), Qualcomm (tech roles), Tesla (tech & non-tech roles) and Lyft (non-tech roles) who are still hiring and want to prioritize students like yourself. We have personally spoken to the recruiters at these companies and they will be going through the applicants on this job on a daily basis.

Pro tip: if your internship got rescinded due to COVID-19, make sure to write that in your Jumpstart bio along with where you were supposed to intern.

***Note – During this time we ask for integrity and honesty. Please only apply if you had an offer rescinded or an internship cancelled. For other students, please apply directly to the companies that you’re interested in on the Jumpstart job board.

If you are a recruiter, please read:

In these tough times, it’s more important than ever for the early career community to come together and support each other. Jumpstart is committed to leveling the playing field and we want to create opportunities for those students whose internships were canceled due to the fall-out from our new normal.

Companies like Sumo Logic, 23andMe, Toast and Yelp, are canceling their internships and these amazing interns need a new summer home where they can contribute while gaining skills and experiences that will set them up for the working world.

Recruiters with canceled internships: Help the intern class you worked so hard to build find rewarding internships! Add your interns to this job posting by contacting Jumpstart at info@jumpstart.me.

Recruiters hiring interns: Getting down to the wire for your internship program? Source from pre-qualified candidates selected by amazing companies across the industry.

These students are:
· Intelligent
· Creative
· Driven
· Skilled
· Passionate

Let’s #WorkTogether to make recruiting fair for all.

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Refer to https://jumpstart.me/discover/jobs

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