Grant Engine, Business Development Manager

Company Description:

Internship Job Description:

The Business Development Manager is responsible for leading & managing organic growth via impeccable relationship-building, effective communication of Grant Engines unique value proposition, and closing of sales opportunities from existing and new clients. This role is responsible for interface and feedback with Marketing team who delivers lead generation & qualification such that as a Company we prioritize and optimize qualified leads’ conversion to closed business.

This role is responsible for the seamless hand-off to Delivery team, along with ongoing relationship management, for an effective and positive longitudinal relationship between the Client and Grant Engine. Overall role is to ensure client happiness and positive impression of Grant Engine by the Client via inspiration, can-do attitude, and effective & efficient support of client needs.
Grant Engine is focused on securing funding for leading companies that have high potential to make a difference in their domain. Our vision is to improve and extend human life by supporting selected clients. In this mission, we selectively work with clients who have a demonstrated potential differentiation over the standard of care. In this pursuit, we hold the following core values in high regard: excellence, quality, customer success, scientific advancement, effective communication, integrity, and teamwork.

We realize that to build this vision, Grant Engine must be a leader in the field. We identify innovation from every corner of our company, and we are committed to innovation in every facet of our work. Each of us works to get results by employing, or pioneering, cutting-edge techniques in communication and program management to realize our vision. We know that every detail matters. We are committed to successfully delivering on our goals so that our partners can deliver theirs. Everyone on our team realizes that when clients win, our mission is accomplished.
A key tenant of the Grant Engine team is that we work well together! We trust one another’s judgment and have established an effective dynamic of delivering on our individual goals to the point that trust has been built of being able to count on each other to deliver.

This position is part-time or full-time opportunity. Individuals with superior skills and a demonstrated track record will be considered for immediate full-time hire.

Job Title:

Business Development Manager

Part Time or Full Time

United States

Close new business in order to meet or exceed revenue goals.
Obtain an understanding of prospective clients’ technologies and business needs quickly and deliver content & advice on behalf of Grant Engine.
Pick up and lead the engagement via the Sales-to-Delivery handoff with new clients
Frame-up necessary elements of specific opportunities for the Delivery team
Work seamlessly with Program Managers to ensure happiness
Manage client relations throughout their lifetime at Grant Engine
Ensure highest level of satisfaction with all clients
Maintain continuous relationship with clients
Anticipate client needs. Fulfill within your role or work closely with Delivery team to ensure client satisfaction
Be exceptionally responsive to all client requests
Provide excellent customer service with a positive attitude to every client, on every occasion
Add tangible value to Client’s overall company strategy (team, funding, technology/IP, marketplace); product profile and roadmap and product’s quantitative differentiators against standard of care or state of the art.

Stay up to date on grant funding opportunities and requirements, particularly for SBIR/STTR and other funding sources at DoD, DARPA, IARPA, BARDA, DTRA, FDA, and others.
Work with CEO and Marketing Team to develop marketing, business development, and client satisfaction strategies.

Necessary Qualifications:

Must have experience working in Grants and Non-Dilutive Arena, ideally both NIH and DoD
Experience with Salesforce
Excellent organizational skills
Demonstrated track record of impeccable relationship building and Client management
Excellent oral, written communication and presentation skills
Understanding of scientific grant funding

Additional Qualifications and Competencies:

PhD strongly preferred.
Relationship Building: Internal and external customer service, objectivity, credibility, confidentiality, proactivity, responsiveness, team work and mutual respect.
Communication for Impact: Exceptional verbal and written English language communications skills, presentation skills, diplomacy, perceptual objectivity, active listening.
Flexibility: Ability to handle changing priorities and multiple deadlines while maintaining high quality of workmanship.
Ethical Practice: Rapport building, trust building, personal and professional integrity, credibility, professional and personal courage.


Competitive salary commensurate with experience. Bonus and profit sharing eligible.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part Time

Internship Location:

Durham, NC


Application Instructions:

Apply on website.

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