Grant Engine

Company Description:

Grant Engine is a growing company. We started Grant Engine because we support the trailblazers – companies that take innovation to a whole new level. We aim to address some of the most daunting diseases affecting human health, as well as develop new tools and products to bring new understanding to the field of life sciences, technology, and emerging fields of study.

Internship Job Description:

Review NIH SBIR grants and provide written feedback that follows the SBIR study section format, with a more detailed and diligent feedback.
The essential deliverable is to provide via quantitative scoring (NIH format) and written feedback that delivers the “gap analysis” of what is needed for the grant to score a 19 or better.
Timely delivery of External Reviews.
Ability to manage multiple priorities concurrently.

Necessary Qualifications:

Alternatively, Masters Degree for selected individuals in biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, other life science, or relevant background.
Primary experience sitting on SBIR review panels reviewing grants, including NIH SBIR proposals, and/or experience with other funding mechanisms.

Additional Qualifications and Competencies:

Critical Evaluation: Measurement and assessment skills objectivity, critical thinking, problem solving, curiosity, inquisitiveness, research methodology, knowledge management, on-line search skills.
Communication for Impact: Exceptional verbal and written English language communications skills, presentation skills, diplomacy, perceptual objectivity, active listening.
Relationship Building via commentary: objectivity, credibility, confidentiality, constructive and respectful.
Flexibility: Ability to handle changing priorities and multiple deadlines while maintaining high quality of workmanship.
Ethical Practice: Rapport building, trust building, personal and professional integrity, credibility, professional and personal courage.


Yes. Compensation commensurate with expertise, experience and level of contribution.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part Time

Internship Location:

Durham, NC


Application Instructions:

Apply on website.

Primary Contact and Email: