Company Description:

We are helping top-tier companies achieve, maintain and operationalize security and compliance. You will be joining a fully-funded startup with an amazing upside for growth.

Internship Job Description:

Ideally we want someone who has experience in Software Development (preferably Node.js or any kind of JS), Sales Engineering and Information Security who can focus on helping current and prospective customers.

This is a customer focused position, you will contribute to pre-sales engagements, onboarding and ongoing solutions development, writing JavaScript when custom solutions are required. A lot of your work will be published on the internet as open source, so we are counting on your coding and communication skills.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Full Time

Internship Location:

Morrisville, NC


Application Instructions:

Is your background a fit? Apply if you meet this criteria
We’d love someone who can code in Node.js
Previous Experience leading a team with a collaborative approach
Are willing and able to read and write code to help customers achieve their goals
Find value in improving documentation and automating everything
Understand the importance of visibility for information security operations
Have experience communicating across customer and development team boundaries
Agile team environments building and maintaining commercial software
Cloud/IT security (AWS, Azure, GCP)
One or more security compliance frameworks (PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC II, FedRAMP, etc.)
Open source projects (reporting bugs, submitting fixes, managing projects)

Primary Contact and Email: