Taproot Foundation

Company Description:

Inspiring the world to ReImagine, ReEvaluate, and Dream.

Internship Job Description:

Re-Imagine You, Inc. is seeking skilled volunteer support through Taproot Plus. Taproot Plus is an online platform that connects nonprofits to professionals seeking strong opportunities to volunteer their talent for good. All Taproot Plus projects are vetted and once Re-Imagine You, Inc. selects a volunteer applicant, Taproot Plus will provide resources and support to help make the project a success. We would like to create a logo that is appealing to the eye and modern. We would like our logo to be built from the outside in – putting the focus more on the people we are trying to reach rather than the folks who run it. This will be a startup logo for this nonprofit so it will be used across all media platforms and publications. We are working with another designer to create a website.

This project can be done remotely.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part Time

Internship Location:

Raleigh, NC


Application Instructions:

If you would like to learn more about this organization and project, please follow the apply link to schedule a preliminary call with a representative of the organization.

Primary Contact and Email: