Company Description:

Sexual assault is a prevalent issue facing college campuses around the country. In fact, statistics show that 18-24-year-old women are three times more likely to be raped. WatchDog’s mission is to combat this issue and make the world safer one campus at a time. Our product is a mobile safety application that connects to a Bluetooth bracelet or keychain. When a student is walking at night and feels they are in danger they can click a button on their device and trigger a variety of customizable features. These include sending your location to campus police, sending a custom text message to an emergency contact, activating a siren, and recording audio. What makes our idea more appealing than other safety options such as mace or the Blue Light Towers is that our product is discrete, convenient, and customizable. The WatchDog Team will be diligently working throughout summer 2020 through Launch-Chapel Hill.

Internship Job Description:

The WatchDog Team is looking for a computer science intern as we enter Launch Chapel Hill and try to get our MVP up and running. The role would be for backend engineering and best for someone with knowledge on how to use GPS capabilities within iOS/Android and app dev experience. We have a model for the front end of our app in Xcode and are just looking for someone to create a functioning MVP that we can use for beta testing. The applicant will need to be able to send GPS coordinates to campus police, send prewritten texts to identified emergency contacts, and have audio recording and emission capabilities. The position comes with a $1000 stipend and is pretty flexible with hours – we do not need someone to attend Launch seminars or have any physical/remote obligations other than occasional (most likely weekly or biweekly) zoom calls for progress updates.

Type and Timing of Internship:


Internship Location:

Chapel Hill, NC


Application Instructions:

Please email the contact email address with a copy of your resume as well as a personal introduction introducing yourself to the team. The WatchDog Team will then follow up with the applicant and request a zoom call to get to know you!

Primary Contact and Email: