Qore Performance, Inc.

Company Description:

Why Should You Join Qore Performance?
Now is the time to find a job you’ll love, doing work that is both fulfilling and important. With our economy restarting, restrictions lifting, and unemployment enhancements ending, the rush is on to grab the best jobs.
In the inevitable politics of large companies re-establishing hierarchies will the skills, knowledge, and superior work ethic you’ve developed matter? Will you be just an employee number, subject to layoffs from any disruption like COVID? Will you have a voice, or just a job. Will you make a difference, or just a paycheck.
Qore performance is a small, fast growing company with a vital mission and a great team working hard to fulfill it. Your work at Qore Performance will have an immediate and positive impact on tens of thousands of people all over the world. We offer a growing family of products using simple but novel technologies to increase work capacity and safety of first responders, improve the focus and endurance of caregivers in protective clothing, offer a decisive advantage to military personnel and offer comfort and hydration to anyone working in challenging environments. In just a few short years, our commercial customers have worked almost 1,000,000 hours without a single minute lost to a heat injury, preventing hundreds of hospitalizations.
As a company offering products that are critical to incident response we were not shut down during the COVID crisis—we operated safely and grew rapidly throughout this trying period. Now we’re looking for a few great people to help us meet the dramatically increasing demand for our products.
If this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us, we want to hear from you: Jobs@QorePerformance.com

Internship Job Description:

Industrial Designer

Are you looking to create disruptive tech and not incremental improvements? Do you have the charisma to paint visions of a better future and unite people behind the vision? Do you seek a life of adventure and invention and service to America?

Industrial Designer is a senior position reporting directly to the CEO. Imagine taking our consistently amazing conceptual innovations (hard lines and soft goods) from concept to production product in just a few short months. Prototyping, fabrication, production, testing – our Industrial Designer gets to do it all and gets to select the best tools in the process. We’re looking for someone committed to seeing their work realized and used in the field to improve and save lives. If this sounds too good to be true to you, then we want to hear from you.

Industrial Designer responsibilities:

A. Soft Goods: materials identification/sourcing, cut & sew, prototyping, pattern making, nesting, tech pack assembly, materials sourcing, bill of materials assembly, QC standards author;
B. Hard Goods: CAD drawings, materials sourcing/identification, prototyping, QC standards author, assists Director of Operations with contract tech specs;
C. Identify, source, supervise manufacturing partner/in-house requirements

Required proficiency:
Fusion360, Shapr3D, SolidWorks or equivalent
Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
Keyshot or equivalent
3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing

Familiarity strongly preferred:
Keyshot or equivalent
laser cutting
RF/Ultrasonic Welding
other modern construction methodologies

Do you see things on this list that suck? Think you have a better way? We DEFINITELY want to hear from you.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Full Time

Internship Location:

Sterling, VA


Application Instructions:

Please submit a condensed resume and an expression of interest for review to Jobs@QorePerformance.com. Work location: Sterling, VA. Currently, we can only accept applications from US Citizens.

Primary Contact and Email: