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Company Description:

Here at New Stack, we’re as busy as ever and are excited to announce the search for our next
cohort of Venture Fellows. Experience in venture capital is highly sought after but difficult to
break into. We created an academic year-long Venture Fellow program to offer an opportunity
for hands-on experience where one can learn how venture capital works and how startups get
funded. The individual will join a team of fellows led by VCs at New Stack and have a rare
opportunity to learn the inner workings of a venture fund. At the conclusion of the program, the
fellow will understand the keys to success in VC and how to evaluate success factors in early
stage startups.
Think it’s too good to be true? We have had over 30 fellows from Purdue, Penn, MIT, Harvard,
UVA, USC, U of Illinois, UChicago, Northwestern, William & Mary, Michigan, Georgia Tech,
Duke, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Iowa and many others. Current New Stack Investors will provide
training, support and instruction for incoming fellows.

Internship Job Description:

New Stack Ventures is seeking undergraduate students for our fellowship program during the
‘20-’21 school year, beginning this Fall. These individuals will spend ~5 hours/week helping the
deal flow team with sourcing and diligence — fundamental skills for every Venture Capitalist.
This is an opportunity to develop hands-on experience identifying and evaluating investment
opportunities. The fellowship will be an entrepreneurial role with clear definitions of success and
a path for internal advancement.
Fellows will be responsible for assisting the team with the following:
● Phase 1: Dealflow Prospecting
○ Leveraging New Stack’s tools and processes to identify compelling startups
○ Building knowledge and relationships in the local startup ecosystem to identify
compelling startups
○ Identifying new strategies for sourcing local startup opportunities
● Phase 2: Dealflow Evaluation
○ Applying filtering and evaluation criteria according to New Stack’s thesis
○ Conducting meetings with founders
○ Scoring and rating opportunities for review by Deal Leads
○ Pitching the best candidates/startups to other fellows and deal team
● Must produce a monthly blog post/article on startups/tech/venture (with guidance)
● Top Fellows will gain access to other aspects of firm operations and gain increasing
levels of responsibility
Prospective candidates should have the following characteristics:
● Passion for VC, startups and entrepreneurship
● Fast and detail-oriented
● Resourceful — can figure out a way forward with no hand-holding
● Excellent listening skills with high EQ and good common sense
● Execution-oriented — focused on outcomes
● Metric-Driven — Set goals and meet or exceed them every week
● Competitive spirit — unafraid of new challenges
● Team Player
● Strong written and verbal communication
● Strong ability to network
● Ability to quickly build trusted, authentic relationships

Type and Timing of Internship:

Internship Location:



Application Instructions:

● Currently enrolled in a four-year undergraduate program
● A schedule that comfortably allows for a 5 hour commitment/week
● Fellows will be expected to attend a weekly 30-minute standup meeting at 7am
● Fellows will be expected to join VC training sessions on Friday afternoon and/or
Saturday morning once a month
Candidates need not have a financial, investment banking or private equity background.

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