Memory Crafters

Company Description:

memoryCrafters matches users (individuals & corporations) and local small businesses to provide quick& easy personalized celebrations for life’s special moments.We streamline the process of planning and managing milestone celebration events for users so that they can focus on what matters most: creating lifelong memories.memoryCrafters partners with local small businesses (birthday party venues, freelancers, hobbyists & vendors) to help them directly market and sell their services to the consumer. We use latest technologies to help our customers maximize capacity utilization during non-peak hours. During recent difficult times, we are partnering with local small businesses with virtual celebration capabilities so that we can support our customers in helping our users celebrate life’s special moments. memoryCrafters also partners with global companies to help them celebrate work anniversaries and achievements of their employees locally & virtually

Internship Job Description:

Sales& Marketing Intern Role:

memoryCrafters is seeking a curious, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individual with strong interest in joining an early stage startup. We are primarily seeking a high performing entrepreneurial individual interested in sales & marketing. Selected candidate will have the opportunity to work with memoryCrafters’ employees as well as relevant external stakeholders.

Job Duties will include but are not limited to:

•Assist in implementation of our overall sales & marketing strategy
•Lead the development and implementation of sales & marketing material•Study the available market to develop a Go-to-market strategy with our Minimum Viable Product
•Work with the product team to help design and deliver products that address the needs of customers, business partner sand corporate partners

An Ideal Candidate Should Be:

•Interested in working in an ambiguous environment at an early stage startup
•Experience in making sales calls, sales visits etc.preferred not required
•Highly self-motivated, hard-working, able to learn quickly and implement the best approach
•Able to both works independently on tasks and bring individual contributions to a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment
•Meticulously attentive to detail but also able to grasp the big picture
•Able to augment their analytical skills with a dash of creative problem-solving
•Entrepreneurial and passionate about learning the ins-and-outs of our day to day operation. Earlier experience with entrepreneurial ventures is highly preferred

Type and Timing of Internship:

Internship Location:



Application Instructions:

If you are interested in learning about the entrepreneurial space, working with a new group of diverse people, developing customer focused products, and contributing to the overall success of the team, please email your resume and cover letter (optional) to abhi@memory-crafters.comnotingyour interest in the position and any relevant experience you may have.

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