My Vote Matters Merchandising

Company Description:

My Vote Matters Merchandising is a clothing company that specializes in voting themed apparel and voter education. Our main focus is to present voting in a fashionable way and give our audience the information necessary to vote.

Internship Job Description:

MVM is looking for 2-3 skilled interns for each of the job function areas outlined below:

Social Media Marketing


Data Research

Videography/ Photography/Video Editing

Job Descriptions

In addition to the tasks specifically written under the respective roles, MVM interns will be expected to do all other assignments as delegated.

Social Media Marketing

• Manage and maintain MVM followers across all social media platforms: Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook
• Create flyers, graphics, and other content to engage with audience
• Help create the brand’s aesthetic
• Collaborate with data research/ journalism intern team to curate information about voting/current events

• Manage Twitter account
• Draft and send out monthly newsletter
• Write abstract pieces regarding voting/election laws as well as issue-based articles relating to current events
• Work closely with the data research team to filter information to relay to the social media team for marketing material

Data Research
• Keep up with all voting related news/ current events send a weekly brief of voting news to the team
• Compile information and create MVM presentations and slide decks
• Relay critical information regarding voting news and current events to social media marketing and journalism team

Videography/ Photography/Video Editing
• Develop and manage all photography/videography related marketing material
• Manage YouTube
• Produce monthly podcast
• Share clips, snippets, and footage from MVM related recordings with social media marketing team

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part TimeSpring Semester;Summer;Fall Semester

Internship Location:



Application Instructions:

Submit resume to to set up an interview and send other materials as followed

If applying for social media marketing team in addition to your resume submit samples of your work. Flyers, Graphics, etc.

If applying to Journalism/ Communications team in addition to your resume attach 2 writing samples.

If applying to Data Research, along with your resume, submit a writing sample that demonstrates your research writing capabilities.

If applying to Videography/Photography/Video Editing, along with your resume, submit samples of you work. Photographs, Video Snippets, etc.

Primary Contact and Email:

Monroe Clayton