Seal the Seasons

Position Title:

Tik Tok Creator~

Company Description:

Seal the Seasons is a frozen food brand that launched out of UNC-Chapel Hill 5 years ago. Since then, we have launched over 60 SKUs of locally grown, locally frozen, and locally sold fruits and vegetables across more than 4500 stores, diverting over 1.5M lbs. of GHG emissions annually. We have over 100 family farms in our network, and we contribute 95% of COGS directly back into the local communities..


Internship Job Description:

At Seal the Seasons we get pretty excited about our fruits and veggies. We want to the fun and tasty side of our fruits with the world. We are looking for someone to “take over” the Seal the Seasons TikTok and create fruit-forward content.

This is not a typical internship experience! This is a real opportunity to develop content for a consumer products brand with significant creative liberties.

Flexible hours, internship start and end date

Type and Timing of Internship:

Flexible, during Spring Semester;Summer;Fall Semester

Approximate Start/End Dates:

2021-11-22 — 2022-06-30

Internship Location:

Durham, NC


Yes –

Application Instructions:

Deadline: 2021-12-13
Send us your TikTok username and/or Twitter handle.
Please also send us your two favorite TikTok videos and an example of what fruity content you would provide as part of this role with Seal the Seasons.

Primary Contact Email: