Kinetik Simulation

Position Title:

Product Manager~

Company Description:

Kinetik helps enterprises grow revenue through our go-to market optimization software. Our approach uses data science, predictive analytics and simulation to optimize resource allocation and identify productivity drivers across channels, functions, and markets. Our visual approach enables an executive understanding of complex operational processes. Enable leaders to motivate their teams to take bold action with the power of predictive analytics. Kinetik | Insights in Motion..

Internship Job Description:

Product manager is responsible for developing and refining our go-to market simulation software product concept. Responsibilities include working with User Experience design professionals to design interface, work with development team to create a prototype, and manage core start-up activities ranging from pursuing patents to applying for grants.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Flexible, during Spring Semester;Summer;Fall Semester

Approximate Start/End Dates:

2022-03-01 —

Internship Location:

Launch Chapel Hill


Yes –

Application Instructions:

Deadline: 2022-05-20
Please send your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Primary Contact Email: