Active Defender

Position Title:

A Virtual IT Internship Tailored To Your Passion.~

Company Description:

Active Defender is secure tech. You get to be a part of team that loves what it does because we are providing peace of mind so people are not hindered by fear..

Internship Job Description:

IT Remote Internship

Virtual IT internship, will be customized to your interests and passions relative to our secure tech. this will give you practical experience toward a rewarding IT career and maximize your impact as a part of our team. Acceptable internships IT include software development, programming, web optimization, UX and UI testing design.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Flexible, during Summer

Approximate Start/End Dates:

2022-05-23 — 2022-07-29

Internship Location:

Carthage, NC


Yes –

Application Instructions:

Deadline: 2022-03-18
1) Review our Virtual IT Internship Page

IT Remote Internship

2) Fill out the application:
– Name
– Email
– Focus Area for work
– Basic Resume/CV
– Tell ua a little about yourself.

3) Submit the application and then we can proceed with a zoom interview.

Primary Contact Email: