CareYaya Health Technologies

Position Title:

Full-stack Web Developer

Company Description:

CareYaya Health Technologies is one of the fastest growing health tech startups in the country. We’re looking for a talented person to be a Full-Stack Web Developer. As recently featured on CBS News (here: and Spectrum (, we’re building a better way forward for the 53+ million Americans who are managing care for a loved one. We’re backed by UNC, Duke Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and several other organizations interested in improving caregiving access and affordability.

Job Description:

Looking for a nimble web & app developer to join an elite, fast-growing start-up in the Triangle! Opportunity for great salary + bonuses & potential for long-term equity for the right candidate!

What’s in it for you?
Do you love creating with code, and are looking for an opportunity to use your skills to make an impact on the world?
Interested in working with a group of bright and passionate people, with backgrounds in venture capital, neurology, computer science and human psychology? A team you can learn from, enjoy interacting with, and utilize to make valuable business contacts and expand your professional network?
Have you ever dreamed about being one of the first ten employees at the next AirBnb or Uber?
Where you jump into a leadership position at the outset with potential for huge upside?
Then read on…

What is CareYaya?
Once every few years, a great new company is born. Filled with people ready to make their impact on the world.
CareYaya is a tech start-up in the field of elderly care, fighting against the established, broken system of care.
A broken system that’s littered with stale ideas and lack of innovation in providing care for senior citizens.
These are our parents and our grandparents – and they deserve the best!
The chosen one who joins us for this role will have the privilege of belonging to an elite team.
You will have the energy and ambition of a new organization behind you, helping your talents shine.
We give our team an extraordinary degree of freedom and independence.
You can break free from the boredom of college during COVID or the typical boring job with no upside.
Work on something meaningful – and if you do a great job, have the chance to join us afterwards as a career and enjoy unlimited opportunity for advancement in your career!
We started CareYaya only a year ago, but we are going to make it the biggest care company in America by 2025.
Come join the revolution and make your impact on the world!

Take charge of your career!
We get that elderly care may not be the sexiest industry at the moment. But success is driven by predicting the future, not by looking at the past. There’s a population of 70 million Baby Boomers just on the verge of reaching their 70s and facing skyrocketing elder care needs. It’s an untapped gold mine, filled with opportunity for daring adventurers and early movers.
The world doesn’t need another e-commerce or consumer entertainment start-up – these are played out, unimaginative, and backward-looking ideas! The world does need today’s bright & talented young people to solve the aging and elder care problem in our society. As the successful hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said: “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”
The Tesla or Apple of five years from now, is being formed in the elder care industry of today – at CareYaya.

Role & Responsibilities
We’re not looking to hire people and tell them what to do – if that’s what you need, this role isn’t for you.
We are looking for incredibly passionate people, with a sparkle in their eyes. People who are great at what they do, andwho want to learn and constantly improve. And then we let them loose and help them shine.

These are some desirable, but not required, skills or experience:
UI / UX Design
Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop
Git Collaboration

Resume & Experience
Please submit this stuff mainly as a formality. What’s important is that you’re independent and resourceful.
Convince us why we should pick you to join our team and potentially one day lead all of our web & app development!

Type and Timing of Job:

Start Date: 2023-01-09T00:00:00Z
Full Time

Internship Location:

Research Triangle Park, NC



Application Instructions:

Deadline: 2023-01-23T00:00:00Z

Email resume & cover letter, with any relevant work samples!

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