Position Title:

Documents Coordinator

Company Description:

Centian LLC is a rapidly growing raw ingredient distribution company with an office in Raleigh, which employs 10-15 people, with sales and inventory positions that are of a mid/large company as a result of our innovative and hardworking team. With extensive experience in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries, Centian LLC has maintained customer trust and respect and is the foundation of ingredient needs for our customers. Our service includes but is not limited to strong inventory, quality materials, transparent documentation and all-around superior customer service.

Centian is a company with a strong culture of performance, organization, and efficiency. Candidates should take pride in their work, excel in their responsibilities, possess a learning spirit, self-evaluate and be able to perform problem solving without managerial oversight. Candidates should be interested in a long-term career where they can develop their skills and grow with the company.


Job Description:


Centian’s Quality Systems (Quality Control & Quality Assurance) department is responsible for ensuring that suppliers, manufacturers, and products are within the US FDA guidelines. QC/QA manages customer service, document control and risk management positions related to the products we sell. QC/QA is in direct contact with customers and suppliers handling requests while at the same time maintaining our regulatory compliance via quality documents as well as ensuring that we appropriately manage our risk.

These functions are maintained through:
• Supplier and Manufacturer Qualifications
• Foreign Supplier Verification Program compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act
• Product qualification
• Risk Based Product Testing
• Quality Complaint Investigations (Out-of-Specification Investigations)
• And Document Maintenance


The Documents Coordinator will receive regular training in product requirements and documents, as well as sample processes. Their primary role will be to organize, update, format and reconcile product documents and assist in the collection, organization and distribution of product samples. They will report directly to the Quality Systems Director. The Documents Coordinator is a full-time, in-office position located in Raleigh, NC.

• Salary of $50,000
• Paid vacation and holidays
• Health Insurance options



• Weekly catered team lunch
• Monthly employee recognition rewards
• Quarterly team social events / happy hour
• Continuing Education college courses
• Casual Dress Code


• Product document reconciliation project to ensure folders are correct and up to date
• Organize, maintain, and update product and supplier documents
• Schedule and maintain supplier and product re-qualifications and updated certificate request
• Organize and document sample inventory and retained samples
• Re-order samples for inventory according to preset order policies
• Coordinate with suppliers and customers on product samples
• Prepare, schedule, and process customer sample shipments


• Highly organized, efficient, and attention to detail
• Able to thrive in a high-expectations environment
• Proactively problem solve and anticipate obstacles
• Innovative and developmental approaches to tasks and processes
• Able to organize and clearly deliver information in written and spoken communication
• Motivated to find and create added value for a young and growing company
• Excellent critical thinking, analytical processing and risk mitigation skills
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Proficient with computers, including windows operating system and Excel, Word, etc.
• Strong work ethic and dependability
• Motivated to learn and improve
• Able to work well both in groups and individually

Type and Timing of Job:

Start Date: 2024-01-01T00:00:00Z
Full Time

Internship Location:

Raleigh, NC



Application Instructions:

Deadline: 2023-11-25T00:00:00Z

Interested candidates should contact hr@centianusa.com with their resume, and specify for which position they are applying.

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