Position Title:

Web Development Intern~

Company Description:

Since its founding in 1997, ImageQuix has grown to become the go-to solution for volume photography studios. The brand now consists of four companies: ImageQuix, PhotoLynx CaptureLife and Studio Ninja and is looking to grow its market share with the acquisition of additional businesses within the photography-tech space.

Working for ImageQuix means being a part of an innovative, fast-growing company plus having all the opportunity for impact and career growth that comes with the territory. There’s some great work being done here by a lot of great people. If you’re up for the challenge and ready for an adventure we’d love to hear from you..

Internship Job Description:

ImageQuix Careers

As a Web Development Intern at ImageQuix, you will play a vital role in redesigning and optimizing our websites to enhance user experience and better communicate our value proposition. This internship offers hands-on experience in web development, where you will work closely with our web development team to revamp our online presence.

Key Responsibilities:

– Collaborate with the marketing team to understand project requirements and objectives.

– Redesign elements and enhance our websites, ensuring they are visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly.

– Implement best practices in web design, user experience (UX), and search engine optimization (SEO).

– Work with content creators and designers to integrate new content and graphics into the websites.

– Perform quality assurance testing to identify and address any issues or bugs.

– Optimize website performance for speed and accessibility.

– Stay updated with web development trends and technologies to suggest improvements and optimizations.


– Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Web Development, or a related field.

– Proficiency in web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js.

– Strong understanding of responsive web design principles.

– Basic knowledge of SEO best practices.

– Detail-oriented with excellent problem-solving skills.

– Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

– Strong communication and collaboration skills.

– Eagerness to learn and adapt to new web development tools and techniques.

Type and Timing of Internship:

Part Time, during Summer

Approximate Start/End Dates:

2024-06-10T00:00:00Z — 2024-08-16T00:00:00Z

Internship Location:

Raleigh NC


Yes –

Application Instructions:

Deadline: 2024-05-17T00:00:00Z
Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume and any links to portfolio or personal projects that demonstrate their skills to

Primary Contact Email: