Carolina Innovation Platform

The newest addition to the 1789 experience, the Carolina Innovation Platform (CIP), is the virtual space where innovators to collaborate, network, and get access to resources and events around campus.

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CIP is the perfect place to brainstorm your ideas. It’s guided walkthrough helps you flesh out problem and solution. If you choose to post it to the rest of the community, you’ll be able to see who’s interested and what their thoughts are in the form of other ideas and customer feedback. Brainstorming and providing feedback to others’ ideas is also a great way to engage with Carolina’s entrepreneurial community without any venture of your own. The first follower can be just as important, if not more important, than the leader.

Once you’ve landed on your big idea, you can build out your own lean model canvas, pitch deck, and more – right on the platform.


Every year, 1789 powered by Innovate Carolina puts on a range of competitions to push innovators to test, prototype, and eventually pitch their ideas to jumpstart their venture. Now, with the introduction of CIP, these competitions are far more accessible and engaging. Competitions such as next year’s Make-a-thon will use the platform to brainstorm your ideas, speed up gathering feedback, and connect you with mentors and judges.


Beyond what you can use the platform to do, CIP is also the most convenient place to learn about launching your idea. You can observe other entrepreneurs’ brainstorming, see what kinds of questions they’ve asked their customers, and even ask the community questions of your own. Coming soon, you will even be able to access free online courses in areas such as Design Thinking, Marketing, and more.

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