Mirah is a sociology graduate student at UNC with a passion for social enterprise and environmentally responsible business. She received her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Communications with a minor in Business from Vanderbilt University in 2018. Following graduation, she spent a year in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Category Specialist for Walmart eCommerce, managing pricing and inventory for a multi-million dollar product assortment while negotiating marketing partnerships with high profile vendors. She’s worked with Social Enterprise Alliance, building social media analytics dashboards and streamlining their membership leads pipeline. In other domains, Mirah is excited about systems-thinking and human-centered design, sparked by her volunteer project that developed a career-readiness curriculum for refugees in Nashville. She continues to get involved with refugee communities wherever she goes. Ultimately, Mirah knows that the road to success requires systematic organization and metrics tracking. She’s excited to help new ventures develop their list of Key Performance Indicators and build an efficient tracking system to optimize revenue growth and social/environmental impact.

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Contact Mirah Alix’s: mirah.alix@unc.edu