Aiyana Woldu

Meet Aiyana Woldu

Q & A

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be and why?

If I was a superhero, I would like to have whatever power it is that Dr. Strange has. As a semi-Marvel fan, he possesses the most diverse superpower where he can create teleportation portals, read minds, fly, and many other things like altering reality, space and time. But I believe his most beneficial super power is the ability to see into the future and assess millions of scenarios to identify the one successful scenario and the very calculated steps needed to arrive at that triumph. His superpower would equip me to see the world, operate with maximum efficiency, and always be ahead of 99.9% of problems I’d face all while practicing stoicism.

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is not only an action or coming up with a new idea, invention, or way of doing something but it’s a mindset that you possess. Both innovation and entrepreneurship affect how you approach and solve problems in everyday life, seeking opportunity and wanting to make a change big or small. They are methodical processes that promote creativity, efficiency, and it brings naturally inquisitive people together to improve an aspect of life in some way.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

My favorite toy as a kid was my Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary Nintendo DS XL. Nintendos were truly the iPhones of our childhood where we wouldn’t leave the house without it, lose sleep playing it, and it was the best way to bond with siblings and other kids. My favorite games on it were Mario Kart *duh*, Nintendo Cats, Rhythm Heaven, and Elite Beat Agents. An honorable mention in addition to those games is the Nintendo PictoChat function.


Where is your favorite place on 

campus and why?


My favorite place on campus is the PIT on main campus because I know when I do have time to stay on campus there will always be music, free food, and good vibes. I love how everyone knows that the PIT is a place you can go to join new clubs, meet new people, and just hang out with friends or meet new people in between classes and relax. There’s also a tradition called “PIT popping” that occurs on a chosen Friday, where students show up in their best outfits, hangout, and take pictures. As students we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of balancing classes, work, internships, clubs, and relationships so this tradition is an intentional way for us to express ourselves because who doesn’t like to dress up?