Student Organizations


We want to empower queer people to succeed in tech fields, build community, and inspire innovation. We are trying to change the culture of hackathons with the first queer hackathon – a hackathon hosted by and for queer students of all backgrounds.

Alternative Protein Club

The Alt Protein Project is a global student movement dedicated to turning universities into engines for alternative protein education, research, and innovation. Students are the driving force behind the Alt Protein Project (Alt.Pro), which is building momentum at universities around the world.

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVC Club) offers resources including events and workshops to MBA students interested in careers in early-stage companies. Sponsored by the Eship Center, EVC Club connects students with a high-powered alumni network of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and executives.


TEDxUNC is the largest student-led TEDx event in the nation. The group was started in 2012 by the Innovate Carolina Student Leadership and has been supported by the Office of Innovate Carolina since its launch.

Carolina Thrift

Carolina Thrift. As UNC’s first student-run thrift shop, Carolina Thrift works to reduce senseless waste that accumulates at the end of each school year, ultimately reducing waste and saving money.

Chapel Thrill Escapes

Unique storylines, mysteries, and plot twists will have your adrenaline pumping as you try to find the escape route. Few have tried and succeeded.

Product Management Club

Empower yourself to build stunning valuable and meaningful products

Hack NC

HackNC is an annual, student-run hackathon hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Perl Hacks

Pear Hacks is an all-female hackathon aimed towards creating an encouraging environment for women of all skill levels to pursue their interests in technology.

Hack Reality

Hack Reality is a student-led XR themed hackathon hosted at UNC-Chapel Hill.


We help student-athletes cope with adversities they may face, which oftentimes are only tangentially related to sports. We help show student-athletes that they are far more than just their sport: they are complete people who are interesting, passionate, and unique.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hand Project uses 3-D printing to make prosthetic devices for children and adolescents born without fingers.