Office Hours

1789 members get complimentary office hours with local entrepreneurs, business and innovation experts to help them navigate everything from career decisions to venture creation and challenges. 

**Regularly scheduled Orientations and Office Hours for Fall 2019 will begin on Sept. 2nd**

1789 Info Session
    Friday 1pm-3pm

Do you want to become a member of 1789 or learn more about the coworking space for your team or student club? Interested in scheduling a tour to find out if the space will work for your upcoming innovative or entrepreneurial event?

Email Kimi to set up an appointment: 

Market and Competitive Research and Analysis
Tuesdays 1-4 pm (Virtual Appointment Only) and Fridays 9-12 pm

From ideation to business development, Patrick Kastian  guides you through each step of the process. You’ll find that market research answers important questions facing every entrepreneur and learn to analyze that information in context of your project:

  • Who is my customer, and what can I do for them?
  • Who are my competitors and potential partners?
  • What will my customer pay for my product?
  • How do I design and build my product?
  • How do I scale my business?

Email Patrick to set up an appointment:

Innovate Carolina Concierge
Tuesdays 9-12 pm and Wednesdays 2-5 pm

Innovate Carolina is the campus-wide initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship. We provide faculty, students and alumni with the tools and resources they need to put their ideas to use for the public good.  Join us for a session to identify the resources that are right for you. 

 Email Sheryl Waddell to schedule a session:

Software Consulting
Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 pm and Wednesdays 9-12 pm

Need software help? Jeff Terrell is the professor of the practice in the computer science department. He’s been coding professionally for over a decade on a variety of software, and he’s also familiar with how software and business connect from his CTO and startup experience. If you need anything from general advice on strategy software to help debugging your code.

Email Jeff Terrell to schedule a session:

Fundraising 101
Second and Fourth Thursday of the Month, 5-7 pm

Starting to think about raising money? Chat with IDEA Fund Partners Analyst and UNC alumni, Noel Sinozich to better understand the deal screening process, due diligence, and valuation. 

Email Noel to schedule a session:

Legal Advice
Wednesdays 4-5 pm* (By appointment only; email mentor the prior Sunday)

FourScore Law Firm supports the startup community and works exclusively with early-stage companies.  They provide legal representation and advice for all aspects of business law, including seed and early-stage financing, mergers and acquisitions, hiring and employment, managing debt and equity, relationship-building, contracts, terms sheets and negotiations, and exit strategy.   

Email Matt Sellers by the prior Sunday evening  with your questions:

He will arrange a follow-up phone conversation to provide the legal response to your question the following Wednesday between 4-5 pm.

1789 Venture Lab Legal Services
Thursdays 5-8 pm

David J. Mansor will be gathering information to help student entrepreneurs as a Certified Legal Intern under the supervision of Robert Maitland, II, and the Maitland & English Law Firm, PLLC. David Mansor is an entrepreneur and Principal of Mansor & Co. Which is an innovative general contracting and business development firm based in the Triangle area. David has done work on both residential and commercial projects serving a range of home owners, communities, and small business owners. David is currently pursuing a J.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. Read the format for legal services here.

Email David to set up an appointment:

Social Innovation
    Mondays 9:30-10:30 am

Do you have an idea that seeks to create change for an underserved, disadvantaged or neglected population? Or does your solution complement the traditional approaches of business, nonprofit and government to address social and/or environmental problems in an creative and novel way? Or do you have a business idea that also creates impact for the environment or society? Meet with Melissa Carrier (Professor of Practice) or Jaki Bonilla (CUBE) to talk about how your idea might transform the world through social innovation. 

Email Melissa Carrier and/or Jaki Bonilla to schedule a session:        and

Startup Engineering Strategies
    Thursdays 1-2 pm

We are the engineering resource on campus to help you with your start-up ideas and commercialization goals. We offer one-on-one consultation as well as workshops and classes on topics where research, technology, engineering, and business converge. Engineering and strategic planning is our forte´. We are a group of seasoned engineers and scientists with entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Email Matt Verber or Collin McKinney to schedule a session:                and

Student Involvement & Team Building Strategy
Mondays 4-6 pm & Tuesdays 1-3 pm

Sam is a student entrepreneur at UNC studying business and entrepreneurship with a background in technology. He has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs bring their dreams into fruition, and is excited to bring my skills to the table.

Email Sam Canney for more information:

Peer-to-Peer Support and Carolina Innovation Platform Assistance
Mondays 3:30-5:30 pm

Bir Uppal is an international student here at UNC from New Delhi, India. He is a first-year majoring in business administration with a minor in entrepreneurship.At 15-years-old in New Delhi, India he found his first entrepreneurial calling came from the inadequate public healthcare system of India. Bir founded a non-profit organization (‘IWF’) that gathers funding for critical surgeries for citizens holding the ‘Below Poverty Line’ status and provides food-aid to individuals waiting in enormous lines outside New Delhi’s public hospitals. In another venture, he sought a client base for surplus scarves produced at a local textile-firm, partnered with local garment stores, organized a pop-up shop and sold this product, raising 300,000 INR in revenue. Ventures like these and a goal to better understand what makes an ‘entrepreneur’ attracted Bir to UNC and to 1789.

Email Bir for more information: