Virtual Mentoring

1789 members get complimentary office hours with local entrepreneurs, business and innovation experts to help them navigate everything from career decisions to venture creation and challenges

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From ideation to business development, Patrick Kastian guides you through each step of the process. You’ll find that market research answers important questions facing every entrepreneur and learn to analyze that information in context of your project:

  • Who is my customer, and what can I do for them?
  • Who are my competitors and potential partners?
  • What will my customer pay for my product?
  • How do I design and build my product?
  • How do I scale my business?

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Need software help? Jeff Terrell is a professor of the practice in the computer science department. He’s been coding professionally for over a decade in a variety of programming languages, and he’s also familiar with how software and business connect from his CTO and startup experience. He can help with software strategy.

To schedule a session, find the current office hour signup link on his UNC web site. For questions, email him at

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  • Get info about CUBE and the Campus Y
  • Receive support for social justice and social innovation initiatives
  • Learn from personal experiences related to research and volunteering abroad. 

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Have questions about what to disclose to who? Wondering about IP? Email Ford to get answers to your entrepreneurial law questions. If you are preparing to pitch to funders, Ford has experience with multiple angel networks. With a background in corporate law, venture capital and private equity financings, Ford can provide advice related to your job search and career path as well.

Email Ford Eubanks to set up an appointment:

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Are you seeking to create a more just, equitable and inclusive society through entrepreneurship and innovation? Are you working in under-resourced communities? Or does your solution complement the traditional approaches of business, nonprofit and government to address social and/or environmental needs in a creative and novel way? Or do you have a business idea that also creates positive ecological or social impact? Meet with Melissa Carrier (Professor of Practice) to talk about how your idea might transform the world through social innovation.

Email Melissa Carrier to schedule a session: 

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We are the engineering resource on campus to help you with your start-up ideas and commercialization goals. We offer one-on-one consultation as well as workshops and classes on topics where research, technology, engineering, and business converge.

Engineering and strategic planning is our forte´. We are a group of seasoned engineers and scientists with entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Email Matt Verber or Collin McKinney to schedule a session: and

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Come get answers to your questions surrounding design thinking, how you can better apply it to your work, and identify future opportunities to develop your design thinking skills.


Sign up for a 30-min slot for more information:

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Contact John if you need help in:

  • Business Operations
  • Customer Experience
  • New Retail Space Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Food & Beverage Safety & Production Best Practice

Email Jonathan Collins to set up an appointment:

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Want to test your business model? Need product development strategies? Interested in Sustainable Development? Meet with Talpha Harris to determine strategies of beta testing, model development and overall sustainability goals. Talpha is a current Venture for America fellow, UNC alum and entrepreneur.

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Are you searching for authoritative information to plan your business or research your market? Trying to navigate thousands of search results? Not sure where to find answers to your questions? Nancy will guide you to information sources for business research.

Email Nancy for more information:

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Need some help figuring out if your venture really solves a problem? Can’t figure out how to create a prototype? Don’t feel comfortable giving a pitch or need someone to help you craft your venture’s story? Come by Trevor Scanlon’s office hours with any and all questions.

Email Trevor for more information:

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Ellie is a Shuford Program alum and current investment analyst at NTTVC, a $500M, returns-driven fund based in Silicon Valley. She helps source, analyze and screen potential investment opportunities in addition to supporting portfolio development to encourage business growth.  

Before joining NTTVC, Ellie was a Production Coordinator for IMG FOCUS., a division of Endeavor Group Holdings. Prior to IMG FOCUS., she worked for Endeavor’s IMG Models and IMG Fashion Events. Previously, Ellie completed summer internships at Tibi, Michaels Kors, and The RealReal in various operating roles in development, merchandising, brand licensing, and inventory management.

She would love to chat with you about how to connect and grow your network. She is also immensely valuable in helping student ventures prepare for funding. Set up a one-on-one chat with Ellie by shooting her an email today.

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Katie Tippey formerly worked to manage projects developing digital health interventions and conducts research to support researchers in designing interventions for the Connected Health Applications & Interventions (CHAI) Core at UNC Chapel Hill. She also gives guest lectures within different departments to teach students, faculty, and the community more about human factors and systems engineering. Katie has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and an industry background with systems engineering and usability. She can help ventures who are exploring the creation of health-related products/devices, students who are engaging in remote user testing, and students who are interested in exploring careers in engineering.

Contact Katie:

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As the Student Engagement and Events Manager at Innovate Carolina, Kimi can help you navigate the plethora of resources related to innovation and entrepreneurship that exist at Carolina. She manages the 1789 coworking space, recruits student mentors, advises multiple student clubs, hosts the annual Student Startup Meet and Greet at Launch Chapel Hill and preps a team for the ACC InVenture Prize each year. Do you have questions about programs or funding? New to entrepreneurship and not sure where to start? Email Kimi and schedule a time to chat about how to get involved in the Innovate Carolina student community.

Email for more information:

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