Brian is a recognized leader in the XR industry with years of experience deploying transformative solutions for immersive education and healthcare. He designed and led immersive learning solutions for Lenovo and UNC Chapel Hill, with a focus on harmonizing XR hardware, device management, content, services, and support into successful initiatives that scale. Brian has years of experience working in digital health, leading cross-campus health innovation projects while serving as Head of Health Technology and Informatics at UNC Chapel Hill, where he led a team of developers and taught courses in health informatics. He also co-founded the 1,500 member Health 2.0 NC Triangle group, and co-founded Triangle Startup Weekend for Health for startups in the digital health space. Brian has expertise in all stages of immersive projects, from ideation to execution, and from product development to launching at scale. He is driven by a passion for helping organizations deploy emerging technology to improve outcomes for learning and health while making a positive impact on the world.

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