Dr. Terrell came to North Carolina and UNC in 2004 for grad school in the Computer Science Department, where he earned his Ph.D. in 2009. Although he had every intention of becoming  a professor, the university that extended a verbal offer later had to rescind it because of the economic recession. He made the first of several pivots and tried to commercialize his Ph.D. Research, which involved measuring the performance of computer servers across campus and looking for anomalies.

He joined his good friend Sir Robert Burbridge to found Altometrics, which focused on data  analytics and visualization. Despite several successes, the startup didn’t work out quite like he  hoped. In 2016, he got a job as a software craftsman at the nearby custom software shop Role Model Software. In 2018, he came back to the computer science department at UNC and became a Professor of the Practice, where he runs the App Lab to teach students how to build web and mobile applications through hands-on experience building  software for the UNC community.

To schedule a session, find the current office hour signup link on his UNC Website.

Contact Dr. Terrell: terrell@cs.unc.edu